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Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air!  Many of you may be planning a trip up to the Grand Mesa for color Sunday which is just around the corner.  Feeling good and being able to get around well are things we don't want to take for granted!  If you've noticed your favorite four-legged hiking buddy slowing down or coming up sore or lame after your excursions there are a few things that can help.  A few aches and pains are a part of life, but we want to be sure we are doing the best we can to help our pets live healthy and happy lives. 

They depend on us to be their advocates. Many of you already have your pet on natural joint and cartilage support supplements such as Cosequin DS or 

Dasuquin.  Both of these products contain the chondroitin, glucosamine, ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifides), and manganese ascorbate in a low molecular weight formulation required to promote healthy cartilage.  These daily supplements are beneficial in almost every patient I see.

Remember that cats get arthritis too, and these formulations can be very helpful in these cases.  Omega 3 fa supplements are also part of a basic foundation in maintenance of optimal health and wellness that most dogs and cats benefit from and can be easily and readily added to the daily feeding regime.

Carprofen is the active component in the NSAIDI most often prescribe for osteoarthritis pain in dogs.  You may know it by brand names such as Rimadyl or Vetprofen.  Most dogs tolerate this drug well and reap tremendous benefits from it but occasionally a dog may not be a candidate for this Cox 2 inhibitor.  Cats require a different formulation of NSAIDS and we frequently use Onsior or Metacam in this species.  Onsior has proven to be very safe and effective and although labeled for short term use only, has been shown in studies to be well tolerated with continuous treatment in cats that require such pain control.

A new medication called Galliprant by Elanco for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain in dogs is now available.  Unlike NSAIDS that target the cyclooxygenase 2 prostaglandin receptors, Galliprant specifically blocks the EP4 receptor in the inflammation pathway.  The precision and pinpoint target of this drug provides some advantages and safety margins making it the drug of choice in some patients.

There are many other things and treatments available for osteoarthritis pain such as specific diets, drugs to block neurogenic pain pathways, adequan injections, laser therapy, and acupuncture.  Each patient and client may have different concerns, issues, and expectations.  Stem cell therapy is currently coming into view as a viable, although costly, therapy for many areas affected by OA pain.

If you have noticed changes in your pets' activity level, behaviors, or overall attitude, it may be due to arthritis pain.  Feel free to call us if you have any questions.  We want to help and if indicated, tailor an appropriate therapy plan for your pet and lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy watching the trees show us how beautiful it can be to let some things go as you pull out the rake and giant black trash bags! 

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall." Oscar Wilde

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