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Change is in the air

Change is in the air!

I couldn't help but notice the large Starbucks logo looming in the sky as I entered the round about heading into work this morning.  Clearly, Fruita is growing!  Along with growth comes inevitable changes, some for the better, others, perhaps not as we would like. Trying new things can be exciting and fun or daunting and stressful. This brings me to introduce a few exciting good new changes here at Kokopelli Animal Hospital that are sure to bring less stress, less worry, and added convenience to our wonderful pet owners.

Many of you may who have pets on prescription diets or chronic medications have already heard about the changes we are making to provide you with home delivery of these items.  Via VetSource accessed through our website,  owners can receive food and medications on their doorstep safely and securely with the assurance that you are getting exactly what Dr. Bechtel, Dr. Grych, or myself have recommended to you for Fido or Fifi!  That may sound like a catchy thing to say, but it is important and necessary! Online companies may be selling medications that look and sound the same as the ones you get from your veterinarian but in fact, are quite different. We want to use medications that are checked and approved by licensed pharmacists for accuracy and interaction reactions of multiple medications providing the best way quality assurance available. Below, is an example of a recent matter with a food company to illustrate. 
To get started, please click the online pharmacy option on our website or call us with your questions. We are happy to help you get started with this convenient and user friendly service.  Please join us in doing what we can to ensure the products you purchase are safe and effective for your beloved pets.

We also want to keep you and your fury family members safe from online scams.  The Veterinary Practice News published an article on a scam that was recently uncovered.  We encourage you to read up on it by clicking here.


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